A guide to food  nutrition facts label.Certification course.

A guide to food nutrition facts label.Certification course.

Many people are confused by the nutrition labels they see on packaged foods in the supermarket.

Since the majority of us eat at least some packaged food items, it's good to know what to look for, especially if you're comparing two packaged items and trying to make healthier choice.

Nutrition facts label are here to guide you .

It works well when aligned with Dietary guidelines.

 Some information on labels are optional so may need to review ingredient list to understand what is inside the package.

Course will guide you on how to read and use facts label data to make better choice for your needs.

Course covers following topics and answers questions below

  • What is nutrition facts label and ingredient list?

  • What is required and optional information on facts label.

  • Understand portion size, portion per package and portion calorie

  • What is % of daily value and how to use them

  • Total fat ,carbohydrates and protein information on facts label .

  • Sodium information on labels and how to minimize its use.

  • Where to get Vitamins and minerals information of product and how to meet daily need.

  • How to apply 5%&20% rule to choose fiber rich food with low sugar and saturated &trans fat content.

  • And many other tips and recommendations how to control your diet by using nutrition facts label data