Everyone knows that vitamins are nonnegotiable components of optimal health. But what exactly do these substances do in the body, and how much of each is needed? What happens if an individual ingests too little or too much of a particular vitamin ? Which foods are the best sources of them, and are dietary supplements a safe alternative? Book contains introductory materials to help readers build a solid foundation of knowledge, including how suggested vitamin intake amounts are determined and how dietary supplements are regulated. Includes appendices that provide at-a-glance information about the best food sources for all vitamins . Heavily processed foods that are so common in today’s modern diet are stripped of these nutrients, leaving many people nutrient deficient despite meeting (or exceeding) their daily calorie needs. The accepted solution is to take supplements created in a lab, but the dosage and interactions can be confusing, and supplements are loosely regulated and not always foolproof, especially since our bodies are designed to receive nutrients from natural, whole foods. Book well describes why vitamins are important for health and wellbeing and adequate vitamins intake so important. You will better understand symptoms of vitamin deficiency and excess. Recognize 13 essential vitamins for optimal health. Will be able to differentiate fat soluble and water-soluble vitamins ,identify source of good natural vitamins. Learn how to plan your diet to get all required vitamins from your food, understand circumstances when you need vitamin supplements. How to choose good quality supplement, read and understand supplement labels. For people practicing restrictive diet. Understand vitamins of concern if you follow restrictive diets such as vegan ,low carb, Poleo and gluten free and solutions.

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